Sustainability & Clean Air

Sustainability in farming operations is critically important to us as growers and processors. Pohl & Holmes has a firm commitment to implement practices through all stages of our operations that ensure our soil, water, and air quality will sustain farming families for generations to come.                                                                            

Pohl & Holmes strictly adheres to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP's) in the orchards and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP's) in processing.                                    

Particulate matter (PM) is the primary air pollutant emitted from almond post-harvest processing operations. We use advanced technologies to collect  dust generated from the movement of trash, hulls, shell, meats, precleaning operations and subsequent screening operations.                                                                           

Nothing goes to waste. Recovered soil, leaves and grass are spread on surrounding farmland. Hulls are sold as an ingredient in cattle feed. Shells are ground and used to create alternative energy in cogeneration plants.

A Group Effort

Together . . . almond growers and processors have been progressive and are continuously challenging themselves to do more to follow sustainable agricultural practices. The California Almond Sustainability Program (CASP) was established in 2009 to better understand the practices of growers related to water, air quality, energy and land and to provide continuing education on these topics.