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30 Oct 2016 - 20 Aug 2018
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Product delivered to Pohl and Holmes, Inc. is dumped into a receiving  pit and transported by conveyors and bucket elevators to our pre-cleaning process. Orchard leaves, sticks, stones and soils are removed. The pre-cleaned almonds are transferred to storage bins to await further handling. The capacity of our pre-cleaner is approximately 40 tons per hour.



  • Harvest
  • Trucking
  • Hulling /Shelling
  • Electronic Sorting
  • Drying
  • Stockpiling

To remove the hulls, pre-cleaned almonds are conveyed to a series of shear rolls which crack the hulls. A series of vibrating screens separates the hulls from the

in-shell almonds, meats, and fine dust. The fine dust is ducted to a filter for collection. Pohl & Holmes, Inc. offers in-shell product electronic sorting.



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Once the hulls are removed, the in-shell almonds pass through shear rolls and crackers. The shell is cracked away from the meats. The kernels are then conveyed to a series of gravity tables that remove foreign material, shell and broken pieces. The finished product is sampled for moisture to determine if drying is needed.


A shipping point inspection and outgoing weight certificate are provided. The grower's in-shell or shelled product is then delivered by bulk or in meat bins to the packer or processor for further processing. USDA sampling and grading are available on-site. Pohl & Holmes, Inc.  trucking services are available or we can coordinate with your selected service provider.


Each load is weighed in and labeled upon receipt. Your delivery information and processing instructions are entered into our inventory control system. We will arrange for fumigation and stockpiling as needed.


We provide hulling and shelling services for both inshell and shelled almond processing. From the moment your product enters our secure facility we care for your product as if it were our own.